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Let’s Rethink ... Getting married

Because marriage is based on the promises of two people to each other, it is a covenantal relationship and not a contract.  The stability of the marriage does not depend on any condition except that each has pledged themselves to the other, “to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, cherish and obey until death us do part …”   And the reason for this is - that it is “according to God’s holy law”.

Let’s Rethink ... Who owns my possessions?

British culture believes that what we have belongs to us and that nobody has any rights to our possessions.  However, the culture in Bible times was generally very different - what belonged to the family belonged to everybody in the family.  This attitude is still seen in most of the developing world: so that when people become Christians they believe they have joined a family and that if they have needs the family will meet them.

Let’s Rethink ... Am I my brother’s keeper?

Has Britain lost its way?  Our culture says, “You have no right to say, do or even pray anything that will involve other people’s space”.  And yet the government, public bodies, professionals, and wheel clampers regularly invade our private space.  The invasion has been so severe that parents no longer feel they can discipline their children, Christians can no longer speak freely of their faith or even request that their faith may be taken into account in the workplace.

12 Ways to Miss the Point

Maths was never my strong point. But if (as Christian Research says) the church in the UK is in decline, it must be because there are fewer people born again each year than are leaving. Surely this is not good news for evangelicals, for whom the gospel is the ‘stuff of life’.