Praying for our prisons

With so many men and women in our prisons wanting to be free from the life of crime in which they feel trapped, there are enormous opportunities for the gospel. And, of course, there are many pastoral needs, too, not only amongst those serving a prison sentence but also within their families.

May we encourage you to pray for our prisons?

Those who wish to pray daily through the month may like to follow the monthly plan below and perhaps also pray specifically for one or two prisons.


February 2024

Week 1 - for those in prison
448 1st

for those for whom this month will be especially painful, triggering, for example, the memory of the loss of a loved one or the loss of contact with a child or family, 

449 2nd

for those in custody for the first time and frightened, that staff will show compassion and help them to feel safe.

450 3rd

for those who feel no remorse for the hurt and pain they have caused. Pray that they would begin to recognise the impact of their crimes upon their victims and upon their own families – and will choose to turn away from crime.

451 4th

for those in prison on licence recall, that they would overcome any sense of shame and failure and work towards re-establishing a positive life for themselves in the community.

452 5th

for sex offenders, many of whom are overwhelmed with guilt, that they might come to recognise that they are not beyond God’s forgiveness.

453 6th

for those who have been rejected by their family or have cut themselves off from their family, that they might receive emotional support.  Pray for the Lord’s help to those who are longing to restore their relationships.

454 7th

for the protection and safe resettlement of those being released this month. Pray that those who wish to attend a church will settle in one that is welcoming and supportive.

Week 2 - for those who work in prison
455 8th

for Governors, as they manage their establishments to  provide as full a programme of classes, groups and activities as it is safe and secure to do.

456 9th

for security staff, as they work to make their prison more secure, especially by preventing drugs and other illegal substances and items getting into the prison.

457 10th

for all officers who have been victims of  a serious assault recently. Pray for their healing.

458 11th

for chaplains, that they will seek the help of the Holy Spirit as they prepare and deliver teaching. Pray that they will be bold in teaching God’s Word faithfully.

459 12th

for all Christians working in our prisons, that the Lord will enable them to bring glory to God as they serve Him and seek to be ‘salt and light’.

460 13th

for healthcare staff, that they will be enabled to care with skill, love and compassion, despite all the demands upon them. Give thanks to God for them. Pray especially for Christians, that they might display Christ’s love to those for whom they care.

461 14th

for the Lord’s wisdom for chaplains as they provide pastoral support to the residents, especially those who are deeply troubled, e.g., by anxiety, guilt, shame and grief.

Week 3 - for families and communities
462 15th

for churches, youth workers and agencies working with children and young people who are offending or at risk of offending.

463 16th

for families increasingly affected by the rising costs of living, that they will access the support and benefits to which they are entitled without any delay.

464 17th

for churches which have a dedicated ministry to ‘ex-offenders’, that they will have sufficient volunteers to give time to mentoring and supporting the men and women referred to them.

465 18th

for children taken into care as a result of one or both parents being in prison, that they will be healed from the emotional damage of losing their parents.

466 19th

for the protection of children whose lives have been dominated by the criminal activity of one or both parents. Pray that they will be kept free from crime themselves.

467 20th

for agencies working to protect children and young people from alcohol and drug abuse.

468 21st

for ‘rehabs’ (and especially for the Christian ministries), that, through their programmes, many men and women will overcome their addiction and that many will also commit to follow Christ.

Week 4 - for those in prison
469 22nd

for Christians, struggling with their faith since going to prison, that the Lord will strengthen their faith and sustain them.

470 23rd

for those who are suffering from mental illness, that they will receive the care and treatment they need.

471 24th

for those due to be released over the next few weeks  and feeling very nervous; pray for effective support, both prior to, and after, release.

472 25th

that many might come to faith in Christ whilst in prison. Pray that the Lord will use the teaching and preaching, the personal and group Bible studies, the gospel literature and the witness of believers, all for this purpose of drawing unbelievers to Christ.

473 26th

for the men and women who are fearful about the future, that they might turn to Christ and find hope, both for this life and for eternity.

474 27th

for the men and women who have contacted BeaconLight this month, that the Lord will speak to them through the gospel literature they have been sent

475 28th

for those who consider themselves a Christian but only by tradition and ‘doing religion’, that they will have a true encounter with Jesus while in prison.

Week 5 - for victims of crime
476 29th

for those who have lost loved ones through crime, that they will find healing through their grief.