Lots of people think churches are buildings, but the buildings are only the places where the real church meets.
That is a good question to start with, but unfortunately the question and popular answers may mislead lead us in understanding the way God works.
God provided for Adam and Eve outside the Garden of Eden, but it wasn’t intended to be easy for them or their descendents.
Go back 100 years, and most people in the UK would have agreed that it was right to worship God in public.
The discovery of the Higgs Boson has been hailed the “most important scientific discovery since Einstein’s theory of relativity”.
We are now in one of the most uncertain economic climates since 1929.
The way Jesus commended the poor widow who gave her last two copper coins, gives us the clue that He is looking not so much on what we give but on what we keep for ourselves.
When you know something about somebody else you can manipulate the way other people think about them. It is a bizarrely perverted style of abuse.
What will you be like in your old age? Strong to the end, or progressively failing in body or mind? Happy or sad, loved or ignored?
Did you know that over half of the adult population of the UK dies without having written a valid will?