'Apocalyptic' has re-emerged in our vocabulary. First it was the dire warnings of the destruction of our planet by global warming. Now it is the threat of nuclear war.

First, covid was a threat; then lockdown and furloughs and work-from-home transformed our lifestyles.  Zoom became massive overnight, clapping for the NHS was de rigour each Thursday at 8pm.  But many suffered and died out of reach of family love.  And then, two years later, we thought everything was getting back to normal.

And we thought 2022 would be a better year!

Not so! All is not well with the world today.

The invasion of Ukraine is a catastrophic and globally destabilising landmark event. It is a dreadful experience for the people of Ukraine. Some of the suffering people are our brothers and sisters, and all are made in the image of God. Our hearts go out to them and our prayers to the Lord for His mercy on them.

Its effects will ripple and then tsunami out around the world to radically affect us all.

What is happening in Ukraine, and what is the effect on gospel ministry?  A reliable mission partner who has worked in Ukraine for 30 years has shared his perspective to help us to understand the situation a little better, and to pray for those affected.

Although there is much international concern at the build-up of Russian forces on the border and in Belarus, many Ukrainians seem to be going about their business as usual.  However we understand that they have been advised to have an 'alarm case' packed in case they need to leave home quickly.

As we enter 2022, we know that we have Word@Work readers in all these war zones.

Please pray that they will keep on trusting in Jesus ... and be willing to share their hope in Christ with their family and friends who are living in fear.