Let's Rethink ... Making a will

Paul Adams

Did you know that over half of the adult population of the UK dies without having written a valid will?  Does that matter?  Yes!!

Dying without a will creates an expensive problem for family left behind, often creating unnecessary family disputes; and your money has to go where the intestacy laws dictate, instead of where you might want it to go.  Don’t forget that while you have the money you have the stewardship responsibility for it, which includes making arrangements for its use after you cannot use it.

Although there are all sorts of DIY will-kits available, go to a solicitor.  It will only cost £150-200 but professional advice will help you think through unthinkable eventualities - all the family dying in a car or plane crash, children dying before their parents, family break up, making provision for care of spouse or dependents in the case of illness or injury, protecting the home for the use of the spouse etc … the list of unthinkable possibilities goes on … but a solicitor has seen it all before and has had too much experience in trying to salvage badly written wills.

Your money all belongs to God and there is an obligation to use it to His glory and the extension of His Kingdom.  For example: our church development would have been impossible thus far without a few large legacies, bequeathed even before the development project was known - but God knew!

So ensure that at least a tithe is given to support the mission of the church - maybe more!  Where the money of the living is getting tighter, ensure that the money of the dead is generous!

Of course, we never know when we will die, but the event is a certainty!  So if you have not checked or revised your will in the last 5 years - do so today!!  If you have no will at all … make sure it is the first thing you do before you die.


© Dr Paul Adams 2012