John Phillips

Time with God

Life can be tough for Christians who are serious about living a godly life in obedience to the Bible’s teaching. Living as a committed follower of Jesus can be especially tough for those serving a prison sentence.

Time With God has been written specifically for Christians in prison. It uses the Bible to provide hope and encouragement to help believers to be sustained, and to grow, in their faith. It will also be helpful to those exploring what it means to be a follower of Jesus: they will find answers to many of their questions.

Making Sense of Forgiveness

New 2nd Edition

The book explains what it really means to forgive and includes many stories of how victims of serious crimes have been able to forgive. It also suggests how we should seek forgiveness ourselves when we have hurt others.

And most importantly, through reference to the Bible, it explains how our greatest need can be met – our need of God’s forgiveness.

Truth Unlocked

Truth Unlocked consists of 16 Bible studies which have been written primarily for Christians; for those who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and have chosen to live according to what the Bible teaches.

It will be of most benefit to new Christians to help them understand the essential truths revealed by God in the Bible.

We cannot live godly lives unless we understand Biblical truth and apply it as the foundation for our lives.

Inner Struggles

Life is a mixture of happiness and pain; of laughter and tears; of celebration and grief; of soaring and crawling.

For some, life brings more joy than sorrow; for others, life is hard with only rare moments of real joy. For us all, there are times when we struggle.

This little book uses verses from the Bible as a means of offering hope and comfort to those who recognise their need of God's help in their struggles.

Can I forgive myself?

Where a person is feeling guilty and remorseful over a wrong done or mistake made, there is often a longing to know how they can forgive themselves. ‘Forgiving oneself’ is seen as the way of getting free from the pain of guilt.

This book is a straightforward Biblical response to that very question, ‘Can I forgive myself?’ It explains the need we all have of God’s forgiveness and how we can receive it.