Sharing Jesus

BeaconLight runs the 'Sharing Jesus Course' to equip believers to lead others to Christ.

The Sharing Jesus Course (SJC) is a mixture of "What is the Biblical gospel narrative?" and "How can you lead people through the narrative to receive Christ?" But it is prefaced by "What is the need for the gospel?" and "Why should every Christian be able to articulate the message ... as opposed to leaving it to the 'professionals'"?

Churches we know in South East Asia seem to have no problem with the last two questions, and readily connect with the first two … and they just get on with it! They have seen many saved and new churches planted through the evangelistic work of people who do not have theological training - but love the Lord, love the Bible, love the gospel and love the lost generation around them.

But in the UK we have to spend a lot of time convincing Christians that they can share Jesus! That they are allowed to! And that sharing the Good News of Jesus verbally is normal! Perhaps the course is too geared to correct the Western, post-Christian, bunker mentality, scared of rejection, theologically compromised by liberal or open-evangelical or hyper-calvinist excuses for not intentionally going out with the gospel.

The scissor action between 'the gospel is love in action' theology and 'the elect will be saved whatever you do' theology, combined with fear of losing your friends/social-reputation/comfort-zone ... has effectively cut out gospel proclamation in the community from the Western churches' agenda. Alpha/Christianity Explored are great tools but can replace the command to 'Go with the Gospel' with 'Come to Church'.

Biblically, the gospel is a message in words presented by believers to unbelievers wherever they live or work. That used to be the basis of all cross-cultural mission. The reduction of 10,000 long term UK missionaries in 1900 to less than 1,000 (and 'long term' often means 7 years, and most are not evangelists but primarily engaged in some sort of humanitarian work) is perhaps a reflection of the gospel paralysis in the West.

How can this change? What is the first step? The answer which seems to go to the spot is, "Pledge and pray that you will use the Name of Jesus in at least one conversation every day!" It is a great way to start the gospel ball rolling, not only in the community but also in your own heart.

© Dr Paul Adams