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by Paul Adams

CrossCheck is an easy way to explore how anyone can find real friendship with God in 6 helpful steps.

Features of CrossCheck:

  • It's clear and straightforward
  • It takes you through the Christian message step-by-step
  • It explains how anyone can come to know God through Jesus

CrossCheck is a broadband, audio-visual presentation. Please make sure your speakers are turned on!

Click here to see CrossCheck in action (in a new window).

Travelling with Jonah

by Rick Creighton

Travelling with Jonah is a book which explores the intriguing story of this reluctant prophet. Jonah is best known for his encounter with ‘the whale’, but there is a lot more to the book than a big fish.

In fact, it’s unlike any of the other prophets in the Bible. We only have eight words of actual prophecy in the whole book. The book isn’t normal prophecy - it’s a story. It’s a story about the prophet himself, and it also has a lot to show us about God and his purpose for this world. In doing so, it holds up a mirror for us ourselves.

It will show us things that are thought-provoking and encouraging - as well as things that are challenging and perhaps uncomfortably close to home.

Each chapter finishes with discussion questions. You can use these for individual reflection, but they can also form the basis for a group discussion and study of Jonah.